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What is ECOenVIE?
Our Motivation

ECOenVIE combines beauty, nature and fashion for a more ECOlogical lifestyle. The desire for better health, prosperity and a better world is growing in each of us.

We are all living on the same planet but it seems like catastrophes as in Fukushima had to happen to make more people aware of that fact. Our mission is to get people from being unconscious consumers who are convenience addicted to becoming eco effective conscious consumers who are taking care of themselves as well as of the world around them. There are many ways of living in harmony with the environment and our mission as well as our passion is to spread the word.

Every single one of us can make a difference. Once we love ourselves enough to take the first step into a better world the world around us gets better.

LIFESTYLE is not just a way of living but most of all a way of being.
We are all looking for the same things: happiness, love, good health, beauty, relaxation and knowledge to name just a few. Dr. Max Otto Bruckner once wrote „The core to our health is getting to the right information” and that is what we will be working on.

We do not just want to present beautiful pictures but we do also want to tell the stories what goes on behind the scenes of the ECO world. Wisdom is powerful but only using wisdom in a positive way will actually make us powerful.

Who is behind ECOenVIE?
Photographer Boris Baermichl sparked the fire for ECOenVIE and together with very passionate burning hair & make up artist Ivanka Radan we have been able to build up the passion in many contributors from every area of life. We will be working with doctors, scientists, ecologists, designers, biologists, chemists, stylists, make up artists and photographers. We all want to show the possibilities of tomorrow and the options we have today.

ECOenVIE is a digital ECO online community that brings our awareness of life to a contemporary platform that everyone can comprehend.

Our network has already become so sustainable that we are very proud to be able to go online in December 2011. There is way more to life than just making money. We all want to feel connected and that is our small contribution to the fast growing ECO community.

Sincerely, your
ECOenVIE team,
Boris Bärmichl