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Louder Than Words.

Communicate without saying a word – wear clothing that shows who you are. Inspired by the modern woman and made from sustainable fabrics We3 designs are relevant to how women dress everyday: Comfortable, stylish and environmentally sensitive.

Each season consists of essential pieces that every wardrobe needs. We then design the next layer to compliment the basic and to create many different looks with a few pieces. We then complete the collection with a few avante guard designs. Our colours are on trend but our silhouettes are fashion forward. Our collections are always Made in Canada.

Established in 2007

Glencora Twigg, Jessica Vaira and Christine Hotton.

Having met in design school and established twigg&hottie boutique and our own individual lines we three were finally ready to design together. As in the store, we share all the work and all the reward of We3 designs.

Glencora is a born and bred Vancouverite and former International swimmer. All those years with her head under water has made her a real dreamer. Always thinking about what is next made her the best choice for strategic planner and Marketing Manager. Glencora’s aesthetic is modern with clean lines and controlled volume.

Christine grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta – but you would never know it to see her now. Having recreated herself as an modern urban woman Christine’s precision volunteered her to be our Pattern and Sample Maker as well as our Controller. Christine’s aesthetic is tailored and edgy.

Jessica landed in Vancouver after a childhood of running through the forests on Vancouver Island to establish her music career. A living artist who splits her talents equally in song writing and fashion. Her velvet voice landed her the role of Sales Representative and her need to have all things in their place made her our best bet for Merchandise Manager. Jessica’s aesthetic is an intersection of comfort and creativity.

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