Eco Designer SPECTRUM

SPECTRUM was founded by Birgit Brockbals in 2011.
She graduated from the Academy of Fashion and Design Hamburg in 2009 with her prize-winning graduate collection . The SDBI (German Fashion Industry Foundation) honoured her with the European Fashion Award 2010, which was presented at the ISPO in Munich. After this opportunity to present her work to a broader audience, she gained wide experience working for various labels in the fashion industry. Currently she is working on the collections for her own label, which is based in Hamburg.

SPECTRUMS’s vision is driven by a remarkable sense for shapes, focusing on transparency and high-end quality in the products. Birgit Brockbals’ approach consists of respect for sustainable developement and production, combined with prêt-à-porter style.

Birgit Brockbals’ love for draping and her passion to look for new innovativ pattern solutions are essential to the SPECTRUM look. Out comes a design identity that is led by an elegant, feminine and sublime style.

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