Isabelvollrath.jpg I' VR ISABEL VOLLRATH

"Vollrath is in constant contact with representatives of the independent art scene. Her work is in fact more than clothing, as what she creates can be defined as three-dimensional drawings, human sculptures, or simply her form of artistic expression. Vollrath's designs feature couture and fashion in the shape of objects of art, merging history with sculptural, avant-garde, and futuristic styles. Her signature lies in abstract pieces, yet still able to caress the female figure. Her collections, couture handcrafted to perfection, sway between upcycling and high-tech, with thick wool fabrics alternated with eye-catching prints and graphic patterns on a wide range of materials, including leather, silk, cotton gauze and tulle."

(Berlin Fashion Week January 2014: Niccolò Montanari, Fier Management)

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